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Category: Bankside Stars Media Services Tagged: Sustainability. Events
Phone number: 
020 7921 5000
About the Business: 

UBM help businesses do business by connecting them with a targeted, qualified audience, through live events, exhibitions, press releases and other digital and print media. They help professional people in more than 20 countries around the world succeed by enabling them to connect with each other and with the markets they serve. They do this by whatever means works best – at live events, through digital media or in publications.

UBM operates in three main business segments: Events, Other Marketing Services (OMS) and PR Newswire.

Better Bankside is proud to award this organisation with a Bankside Star.

Bankside Stars are extraordinary organisations that are actively involved with the local area. Find out more here

  • Cooking lunch at Blackfriars Settlement
  • Greening Great Suffolk St.
  • Helping people with sight impairments do their Christmas Shopping
They earned their Bankside Star by: 

A team of staff from UBM volunteered their time giving back to the local community where they work

They took on the challenge of cooking dinner for 30 local elderly residents at Blackfriars Settlement where their shepherd’s pie and chocolate brownies went down a treat. In the afternoon a quiz round and Bingo was played. Some lovely prizes were won but the real win was in the relationships grown over the course of the day as the locals told the team some of their stories of living in the area over the years.

If that wasn’t enough UBM also split into teams helping out with some local greening initiatives as part of Bankside Urban Forest ranging from planting shrubs, spring flowering bulbs and native wildflower seeds, weeding and some litter picking around the sites. This is a great example of a local business connecting with the local community but also for the teams to get to know their colleagues better.

"For us as a team this was our first time engaging in a CSR initiative that didn’t involve direct fundraising or ‘donating’ to a charitable organisation as such. What made this exercise special was the fact that we as an organisation were getting up close and personal with locals and goodwill organisations that would otherwise have been ‘faceless’ to us as individuals. By taking it upon ourselves to organise lunch and engage in afternoon activities at the Blackfriars Settlement, we saved the organisation money (by buying the ingredients for the lunch itself), met the local residents and bonded as a team (think Masterchef combined with the Apprentice).

Additionally, assisting with the upkeep of the surrounding area (via the gardening initiative through Better Bankside) has helped our employees to develop a long term connection with the area which they otherwise might not have had. We have all vowed to revisit the public areas where we planted bulbs in the new year" Catherine Arhin-Ofori.

A team of volunteers also paired up with Blackfrairs Settlement to help a group of people wth sight impairements do their Christmas Shopping, developing real relationships along the way. 

240 Blackfriars Road
London SE1